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IPSC Denmark

IPSC is the formel 1 of the shooting world. A competitive sport where speed and precision blends with physical and mental ability to shape the results for the shooter.

shooter_runningThe IPSC shooting discipline is in Denmark represented by Dansk Sportskytte Forbund (DSF) - Danish Shortshooters' Association. Invitations to matches, results and news articles are posted at the association's website www.dsf.dk.

On these pages you can read more about the sport and it's history, what will be required from you in case you should be tempted to try the sport. For existing IPSC schooters these pages will be the place to discuss IPSC related issues, such as stage design, match organisation, shooting tactics etc.

Information about the yearly level III match, Rooster Mountain, can be found here.




Latest news
The calendar has now been updated with course dates for 2013. Now the courses will be held at different location, so please double check the location.